Elvin Brandhi

Shelf Life [EP]

Released 21st March 2019 on C.A.N.V.A.S.

Cat.No: CANVAS003
Format: Digital, Cassette

Sickness unto death in an age of commodified well-being: approaching death from the point of view of an actualised virtual eternity. The commodification of daily life and the self, preclude the possibility of reincarnation, we do not identify ourselves as a cycle, a movement, an expression of life itself but as a single product that exists in and for itself.

The supermarket social network obliterates the surface of material hybridising, detaining all movement to self enclosed unit reductions, excommunicating mutation. Encapsulated in a fixed identity, packaged and promoted, immune to the infection of outsiders. The social contract of a pre-sealed self, branded with calculated sell by date, sentenced to a shelf life of inter-passive exchange.

Shelf Life compiles this synthetic axis, upon which we bide out time smiling.

Interrupt user: authorise disk-root conflict[

Elvin Brandhi is welcomed to the index of C.A.N.V.A.S. releases as the first solo release of 2019 and the third commission since the conversion from events series to label in 2018.

As a performance nomad whose very practice is simultaneously about engagement with place and a lack of geographic singularity - there could not be a more fitting accomplice to C.A.N.V.A.S.’ effort as a self-publishing artist group to build a collaborative community despite increasing dispersion.

This is the solo project of Welsh artist Freya Edmondes - otherwise known for her role as vocalist in father/daughter duo Yeah You - in which performances mesh a collage of electronic sounds with a disruptive stream of improvised vocals. These tracks are as close to studio versions as this fundamentally live practice gets - roaming recordings, sample blasts, club contortions and the ever present voice alchemically infused. In 25’46” of sound, Elvin’s bio-technological monster appears like a Cronenberg body horror - mouths appearing where they shouldn’t - or a living, breathing post-digital Beckett character narrating their own club induced self-destruction. Yet the future shock is fresh - Shelf Life is as fun to listen to as it is completely disarming.


Empty Weeping
Skype Warp ft TOMB

Cassette & Digital

Mastering by Ali Najafi

Digital Artwork by Firas Shehadeh

Tape Design by AALTAR

In Collaboration with Olan Monk