Hélico [EP]

Released 21st June 2018 on C.A.N.V.A.S.

Cat.No: CANVAS002
Format: Digital

Debut EP Hélico released by Lugh on the summer solstice, 21st June 2018.

For his Hélico EP, canvas co-founder Lugh makes use of digitally disembodied vocal sounds and textures as a compositional tool for creating new environments, in attempt to draw his listener into an affected and emotive state. LUGH strives to leave the listener short of creating a true connection to the source of the sound. The outcome is a very real and tangible experience that is somehow lost in an uncanny virtual space.

The opening track, ‘Million Dollar Cowboy’ revs up this specific depiction to its utmost resulting in an eerie and evocative space formed by the overlap of what is recognizably human, tangible and familiar with the aseptic sterility of the digital. This is followed by the rupturing of ‘Teeth in My Hands’ clearing the air for a new environment to be created, by the third track, ‘Skototrope’.

‘Skototrope’ is about the self-realisation and acknowledgement of a certain attraction to somehow somber and negative realities. The track portrays the delicate tension between feelings of disappointment and defeat and the tender affection for those negative aspects, which one continues to cherish and explore.

Introducing LUGH’s disembodied and distorted voice on ‘Moan Jiro’, the track disrupts his reflective state with a raw burst of energy and the only conventional rhythmic moment on ‘Hélico’. The same distorted voice navigates a somehow cosmic space on ‘No Tassels’. Closing track, ‘Tropics’, creates a narrative “like a micro-opera for the themes and characters encountered along the release”.


Million Dollar Cowboy
Teeth in My Hands
Moan Jiro
Without Tassels
Labraid Lorc

Digital EP

Artwork by Shek Po Kwan

Mastering by Ali Najafi