Olan Monk


Released 27th April 2018 via C.A.N.V.A.S.

Cat.No: CANVAS001
Format: Digital / Cassette

Nobody enters the second zone
there are always enough others to exist
you drift hopelessly through other people
the love they give is more than a geographic boundary
a feeling extends through the infinite flow
half submerged, you connect in, bliss out

Olan Monk’s INIS follows ANAM, a self-described ‘Meditation Tape’ which was digitally self-released in late 2017 alongside a tour of live performances in duo with Michael Speers(Drums). INIS shadows the mood of ANAM, this time opening the horizon of the meditative instrumentals into a digital wasteland, inhabited by detached voices which haunt the contemplative zone. 

Whereas ANAM was envisioned as a set of insular mantras designed for the hyper-city, INIS is about opening up to other people. ‘Inis’ translates from the Irish language to ‘island’, ‘Anam” to ‘soul’. Both releases apparently echo the time spent “working as a studio assistant and synth mechanic in Darren J. Cunningham’s (a.k.a. Actress) south London studio”.

INIS was recorded in free moments during life in a time in transit and retreats to several dislocated studios, with contributions from Elvin Brandhi, whose disembodied voice floats over the inverted shoegaze of Love World, and Maria Somerville whose voice lowly echoes through Failure Dance, the closest thing to a ‘song’ on this release. Taken from an extended studio session in the West of Ireland, her delicate keys also contrast the studio feedback and amp noise in Yin Yang, bringing the EP to a close.

The INIS/ANAM EP’s were released on a limited run of 40-minute cassettes. The release marks the inception of the C.A.N.V.A.S. label, initially an event series and now a collective platform for releases.


Down 2
Love World
Failure Dance
Paradise (Distant)
Zones (Burning, Eternal)
Drone Island
Yin Yang (w/ Maria Somerville)

“An eerie and strangely addictive listen” - Bleep.com

Limited Cassettes

Artwork by Olan Monk